Anni Hofmann - Who she was

anni hofmann foundation

Since the early days of the company, Anni Hofmann's untiring presence played a decisive role in shaping the structure of our company. She had a leading position and was responsible for creating and expanding the administration, thereby bringing about the initial success of our company. At the same time, she created an employee-oriented work atmosphere through her exemplary, effective and warm-hearted leadership. Her work was the cornerstone of our success. Our company, for which she was self-sacrificingly active until her tragic end, was her life. The foundation is dedicated to her memory and through this foundation she also works for other people even after her death.

The Anni Hofmann Foundation was founded on 30 January, 2013, in response to the death of my long-term partner, Mrs Anni Hofmann, who died on 10/09/2012 after losing her battle against glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is as an aggressive brain tumour that does not have a cure which leads to death within a few months after diagnosis. Although younger people are thought to have stronger immune systems, and therefore better protection against this type of tumour, it appears that this protection disappears as we get older. The latest available treatments today such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, were proven unsuccessful for my partner. In the short period of time before her death, she developed both signs of paralysis and cramping, as well as losing control of numerous bodily functions. On a daily basis, I had to witness my partner continue on her path of progressive physical decline, suffering, and how utterly helpless her doctors were in all of this. In her memory, I decided to set up a Foundation that would be aimed at furthering our understanding of the origin and development of glioblastoma in the hope that this work may lead to the development of new treatment options.

Dr. O.K. Wack